We started Kush Concentrates in 2015 to bring our patients and customers a high-quality product made from their favorite strains.

Concentrates, or extracts, are significantly more potent than your standard flower. When made properly, concentrate is reminiscent of the plant it was extracted from including smell and taste.  The effects are simply magnified due to a larger concentration by weight.

Every week we have “Wax Wednesday” – all concentrates are 20% off! Ask your budtender for details and recommendations.


Shatter gets its name from its amber glass appearance and the shatter effect of the sheet when it’s broken apart.   This is a dry product hydrocarbon extraction, using 100% N-Butane as solvent.  Potency range typically 75-85% THC content, depending on strain.


Wax consistency can range from a dry crumble to a soft budder.  Wax is generally more flavorful than shatter.  Potency range is typically 75-85% THC content.  This is also a dry product hydrocarbon extraction.  We do both N-Propane and N-Butane as solvents for different batches.


Our 500mg cartridges are made in two varieties:

  • Kush Karts: Made using fully winterized concentrate which is refined down to a potent oil for single-use cartridges.
  • Kush Klear: We start with the same method as the Kush Karts and then further refine down to a potent and solvent-free distillate. This product can then be used for dabbing, vaping, or making edibles and topicals.

Compatible with most 510-thread vape batteries.


Live Resin has a high terpene content, leading to a more aromatic and flavorful product.  Live Resin is also a hydrocarbon extraction that uses either N-Propane or N-Butane as a solvent, using frozen live plants, with minimum of a 72-hour vacuum purge.  Consistency can range from a sugary wax texture- all the way to a glass-like shatter.  Potency can range from 75-90% THC content.


Batter is the alternate product that arises from shatter slabs as they begin to nucleate, which happens for a number of reasons.  Albeit not always the prettiest product, batter remains a clean, potent, and purged product.   The name comes from “The Shatter has begun to Butter-up.”